Board Members
Realistic Expectations for Serving on the Board
February 15, 2023

Do you have an urge to help your community become a better place for all? If you’re thinking of joining your HOA Board, here are some things to consider beforehand.

  • This is a VOLUNTEER POSITION – It is commendable to volunteer for the challenging position of serving on your HOA or Condo Board as you are donating your time and experience without any expectation of compensation. This also means no extra benefits from vendors, no special treatment from the management company or the other homeowners.
  • Create BOUNDARIES – You are a volunteer, not a complaint department. Have a realistic understanding of the time that you can dedicate to association issues and stick to that time frame. Owner complaints and maintenance requests should be directed to the management company which should also provide a 24-hour emergency call number.
  • This board volunteer opportunity is working towards the COMMUNITY’S BEST INTERESTS. You will not be able to please everyone all the time. It is natural for an owner to make a personal request which must be weighed against the obligations to all the membership.
  • It is required by Florida Statute to understand the AUTHORITY granted to the Board. These are listed in the Bylaws which also specify the officer positions. Florida also requires each Director to take a certification class or sign a certificate stating that you understand the governing documents and will uphold these to the best of your ability.
  • Directors that overreach the governing documents can incur personal LIABILITY. Directors that make business decisions in good faith within the Association’s parameters, which generally covers all of the business conducted, are covered by Directors and Officers insurance.
  • The Association is incorporated and UNDERSTANDING THE FINANCIALS is paramount for managing a successful business. Although not-for-profit, the assets and income can be substantial, so it is imperative to fully understand the monthly income and expenses.
  • COMMITTEES can be created to assist the Board with a repetitive task – such as a standing committee, or a specific event-ad-hoc committee. The Board has the authority to appoint volunteers to assist them that will prevent the Board from being overwhelmed.
  • It is important to remember that BOARD MEETINGS are open to the members however the business is conducted and voted upon by the Directors. Owners may only speak to the item on the agenda when recognized by the meeting chair. A simplified version of Robert’s Rules of Order will maintain the decorum to conduct successful meetings.

A good HOA Board is made up of volunteers who are honest, ethical, just, and reliable. An HOA Board exists to ensure the budget is properly used and to make purposeful decisions benefitting the overall community and its residents. If you’d like an Account Manager from Signature Management to provide an Association Management Proposal at your community’s board meeting, please contact us.