Estoppel & Condo
Questionnaire Form

An Estoppel Certificate is effective for 30 days if hand-delivered or sent electronically. If an Estoppel Certificate is sent by regular mail, the Estoppel Certificate is effective for 35 days.
10 Business Days
$299 each
Rush Estoppel
3 Business Days
$350 each
Condo Questionnaire
10 Business Days
$150 each
Rush Condo Questionnaire
10 Business Days
$250 each
Contact us at prior to ordering Rush Condo Questionnaire.
* If a delinquent amount is owed to the association for the applicable unit, an additional fee of $150 will be charged for the Estoppel Certificate.

FAQ for Signature Management

Request a sales application from customer service in the contact form above or by email a An estoppel or condo questionnaire may be ordered here.
Typically, most associations require buyer/rental approval, which can take 2-3 business days to process. If the HOA's board approval is required, the process can take 5 - 14 days. You can request a rental or sales application through customer service using the contact form above or by emailing Please be aware that a background check will be required for each resident 18 years or older, and that there is a cost involved for this and the application.

Please keep in mind if the applications require board approval, it may take a few days to receive a response. Schedule your home closing date with this in mind.
All of your association’s documents should be available within your Homeowner Portal. You can login at
As a general rule, assume that any modifications to the exterior of your home including decorations, painting, roofing, windows or door replacement and landscaping require approval from your Association Board.